How To · December 23, 2021

Add Fonts to Adobe for Windows

Add Fonts to Adobe in Windows

Add Fonts to Adobe for Windows

Ever wanted that font you always desired? Fontspan is here to help! Following this tutorial can get you to understand Adobe a little bit better.

Search the Internet for Fonts

Finding fonts can be difficult but we’re here to help! Our website has a variety of premium fonts which you can find and buy. If you prefer a free option, websites like DaFont and Font Squirrel have got your back!

After you found your perfect font, download it to your computer, the font would usually come in a zipped file which, by default you cannot access. There are free tools such as WinRAR (Free Trial) or 7-Zip to help you unpack the files.

Unzipping the File

Unzipping the file is possibly the easiest step after downloading the zip extractor. Here is how we can help!

How to Extract

  • Find the Fonts file and select open, or click into it.

  • Click the “Extract To” button situated on the top left of the screen.

  • Find your Adobe Fonts file, this usually comes by default when installing Photoshop or find a suitable place to store the file.

  • If you have found a place to extract to press the “Ok” button, if you have extracted to your Fonts folder, you should be done!

  • If you have extracted to a file outside the Fonts folder you want to find it, usually located on C:>Windows:>Fonts or browse your files by search or manually looking.

  • If you have done all of that well done! You can find your fonts just by opening Adobe Photoshop and heading to text, the fonts should be on the top left of the screen.

NOTE: Make sure to restart Photoshop after you have installed the fonts!